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I’ve been told I can only do mail order—is that true?
That’s possible. It’s also possible that you have other options. We would be happy to take a look at your insurance and let you know what’s best for you.
Can you fill my prescription for a 3-month supply like my mail-order pharmacy?
For most insurances, we can fill a 3-month supply just like your mail-order plan.
Do you accept my insurance?
We accept nearly all insurance plans and would be happy to run a test claim through to find out in advance.
Will it cost more to get my prescription filled here?
Co-pays vary depending on the insurance a patient has and the associated network. We would be happy to check with your insurance to determine your co-pay in advance.
Can you mail or deliver my prescriptions?
YES! And it’s free!
I go south for the winter. How will I get my prescriptions filled then?
We would be happy to mail out your prescriptions at no charge whenever you are out of town.
I get a few special/rare medications. Can you get them?
Yes! We offer free special orders and can get nearly anything.
Do you make customized medications or offer compounding?
How hard is it to transfer? What do you need from me?
It’s easy! All we need is the name of your current pharmacy and your medications—along with your permission to get your prescription information so we can fill them.
Do I have to contact my current pharmacy before I transfer to Sterling?
No. Once we have your information, we will take care of calling and transferring your prescriptions to our pharmacy.
How long does it take to transfer?
About 5 minutes of your time.
I just filled my prescription. Can I still transfer it?
YES! We can take care of transferring your information today and the next time you need it, we’ll have it ready for you.
I don’t have my prescription or my insurance information with me—can I still transfer my prescriptions?
Not to worry. We can get that information from the pharmacy, or we can call your insurance company for you.


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