COVID-19 & Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

Are you interested in receiving a COVID-19 (first, second, or booster) or seasonal flu vaccination? Please call the store at 507.433.4586 to set up an appointment.

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Sterling has proudly served the Austin community since 1952. We strive to empower our patients, coworkers, and communities to build healthier lives. At Sterling, we focus on creating personal relationships and are committed to providing every patient with the Sterling Experience.

Tom Michels

Your Experience Begins With People

"The best part of my job is helping people find answers to their medication questions that lead to a healthier life. Having a positive impact on people’s lives is a wonderful reward!"
Tom Michels
Pharmacy Manager
Tom Michels

Easy refills. Anytime, anywhere.

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Transferring your medications to Sterling is a simple process. Call (507) 433-4586 to speak with our staff or easily transfer online and we will take care of the rest.

Easy refills. Anytime, anywhere.

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Easy refills. Anytime, anywhere.

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Pharmacy Services

Complete Pharmacy Care

We support you on your path to a healthier life with personalized pharmacy services. At Sterling, we offer a set of Complete Pharmacy Care services designed to assist you each step of the way. Every service we offer starts with a conversation. Visit or call your pharmacy team today to discuss your steps toward a healthier life.

Sterling Extended Pharmacy Services

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy’s mission is to streamline patient access to critical specialty medications while prioritizing continuity of care, clinical excellence, and strategic partnerships.

Sterling Long Term Care Pharmacy

Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Sterling Long Term Care Pharmacy’s mission is to provide innovative services and advocacy to the long-term care community by partnering with others who care.

Stay informed. Live healthy.


Find the Right Fit

People with diabetes can develop many different foot problems. Check out these tips on keeping your feet healthy.

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Four Things to Know About Taking Supplements

Our friends at Good Neighbor Pharmacy have four things we should keep in mind when considering a daily dietary supplement. Give them a look and see what you think.

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Know the Symptoms!

Flu and cold season is here, but how do we know if we have the flu or if it is just the common cold? Check out this handy chart for their signs and symptoms.

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Save even more on affordable, high-quality products from Good Neighbor Pharmacy.

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Sterling Home Décor & Gifts

Several Sterling locations offer unique gifts, home décor, clothing, toys, furniture, and much more!

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