Tom Michels
“We know that health outcomes improve when care providers are invested and engaged with patients. This is why we are focused on hiring and keeping employees who are excited about creating healthy relationships and understand the impact they can have on patient health.”
Sam Ewing
President of Sterling Pharmacy
Tom Michels

Sterling cultivates caring relationships with patients and communities in order to provide innovative pharmacy services that empower people to build healthier lives. To accomplish this, we offer our patients and customers what we call the Sterling Experience.

We show CARE by giving each patient and customer the undivided attention that he/she deserves. Customers come first. All all other tasks can wait.


We show KINDNESS by greeting each patient and customer as if they were our friend as they walk into our store.


We show UNDERSTANDING by always being accommodating and patient. We take a genuine interest in the lives, health, and concerns of our patients and customers.


We show INTEGRITY by being accountable for our actions and following through on our promises.


We show SINCERITY by making eye contact, smiling, and actively listening during every interaction.


We show RESPECT by treating all patients and customers as we would like to be treated.

Make Sterling your pharmacy today and put our Sterling Experience to the test. Simply call the pharmacy or transfer your prescriptions online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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