5 Ways to Show Your Heart Some Love: Healthy Activities

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Medication Adherence Advice & Tools

Time to get moving! Show your heart some love with these five fun activity tips:

  1. Step to it. Always add steps where you can! Park at the end of the parking lot, walk to the grocery store to get the one or two items you need, or add a couple of 10-minute walks on the treadmill to your day.
  2. Use the stairs. Working somewhere with an elevator provides a great exercise opportunity. Take the stairs and get your heart pumping!
  3. Go exploring. The next time Mother Nature offers a pleasant day, check out a local park or explore a new trail.
  4. Sign up for a class. Look for fun class activity options in your area. You never know—Taekwondo might be your new thing in 2022!
  5. Get up and go. Sitting for long periods of time has proven to have many negative effects on our bodies—including heart health. Set an alarm reminder to get up and go every hour.