Enjoy the Outdoors—Avoid the Allergies

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Start Your Conversation

Fall in the Upper Midwest is the best! But only if you can get outside to enjoy it. Use the following tips to keep your allergies in check:

Identify your triggers. 

Whether it is ragweed, mold, dust, or pets, it is important to know what is setting your allergies off. Pay attention to when you are struggling with allergies—take notes if you need to—to help you identify and attack the problem.

Wear protective clothing. 

When you are working in the yard or going on a hike to see the colors, wear long sleeves, a hat, and glasses. When you get home, change clothes and wash everything.

Watch the pollen levels.

Did you know that several weather websites now offer pollen forecasts? Check out Weather.com for their three-day pollen breakdown.

Fire up your air conditioner. 

Who doesn’t love sleeping with the windows open in the fall? Unfortunately for many of us, it leads to bad allergies. If you need to, run your air conditioner to filter out the pollen.

Rinse your sinuses. 

Your Sterling Pharmacy team can offer a couple of great solutions for rinsing your nasal passages to flush out allergens and offer some relief.

Talk with your Sterling Pharmacy team. 

We are here for all your over-the-counter allergy needs. Stop in to let us know what allergies you are dealing with, and our team will help you find the proper medication.

Check in with your doctor. 

Are over-the-counter medications not cutting it? It may be time to talk to your doctor.