Renew Your Focus on Health This New Year

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Medication Adherence Advice & Tools

Many of us will ring in the new year by placing a renewed focus on our health. There are many ways to get ourselves on a healthier path. Trying the latest diet trend, purchasing a new piece of exercise equipment, or joining an online accountability group are some of the most popular resolutions.

For your 2020 New Year’s resolution, we suggest focusing on your medications. For most people, taking medications on time every time can be a difficult task. Unfortunately, missing a dose or two here and there can have a larger impact on our health than we know.

The best way to receive the intended benefits of your medications is to take them as directed. We suggest the following steps to help you stay on track:

  • Sync your medications. Pick up your prescriptions once a month, even if you are taking multiple medications. Ask your pharmacy team about medication synchronization to reduce your number of trips to the pharmacy.
  • Talk about side effects. Talk with your physician or pharmacist about any unwanted side effects. There may be alternative medications available or tips for taking the medicine that will help alleviate the effects.
  • Set phone reminders. Smartphones are great tools to help with adherence. Simply set daily medication and dosage reminders on your phone.
  • Ask about pricing options. Unfortunately, the cost of medications is one of the biggest roadblocks for patients. Talk with your physician or pharmacy team about your medication cost. There may be alternative medication options, coupons, or discounts to help.
  • Add to your routine. Place a note next to your toothpaste, coffee maker, TV remote, or any other item you use on a daily basis to help remind you to take your medication.