How Well Do You Know Your Pharmacist

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Start Your Conversation

Your pharmacist is one of the most accessible members of your healthcare team. Unfortunately, many people see picking up a prescription as a quick to-do rather than an important part of their treatment plan. Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the information below highlights some of the ways your pharmacist and pharmacy team can support you on your path to a healthier life.

Your pharmacist can help support your health by:

  • Talking with you about your medication. Your pharmacist can explain the small print—what the medicine is for, how best to use it, what side effects you may experience, and what to do if you have side effects.
  • Suggesting ways to help you take your medicine. Your pharmacist can help you learn how to take your medications as directed as well as solve any problems you might have in doing this. For example, your pharmacist can suggest routines or tools, such as a daily pill organizer, to help you take your medicine at the right time and dosage. Your pharmacist can also help connect you with prescription discounts and aid programs.
  • Talking to you about medication safety. Your pharmacist can give you important advice on which over-the-counter medicines, such as pain medicines and dietary supplements, are safe to use in combination with your prescription medicines.
  • Identifying or managing health problems. For example, if you get your blood pressure checked at the drugstore, share your numbers with your pharmacist. Your pharmacist can talk with you about your risk of high blood pressure, help you monitor your blood pressure, and direct you to medical care if needed. Your pharmacist can also consult your doctor to ensure you get the best treatment available.
  • Helping you manage other health conditions. Pharmacists can provide immunizations, like yearly flu shots, and teach you how to use health equipment, such as blood glucose monitors if you have diabetes or inhalers if you have asthma.

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